May 24, 2022

CAAA and Turath host Columbia Arab Graduation, In-Person for the First Time

On May 14, 2022 the Columbia Arab Alumni Association in partnership with Turath and the Office of Alumni Engagement hosted its third annual Arab Graduation, celebrating the newest generation of Arab-identifying graduates from the college. This event was the first in-person event of its kind, following two years of successful such celebrations with speakers including Professor Rashid Khalidi, Professor al-Musawi, and Professor Taoufik Ben Amor who was this year's faculty speaker.

The program began with introductions by Turath President and Vice President Haya Ghandour and Rania Alshafie. Next, Professor Taoufik Ben-Amor delivered a speech in Arabic with advice, insights, reflections for the fresh graduates. Awards were presented to students for their exemplary achievements and contributions to to the community. Finally, the nearly 60 graduates were inducted by CAAA President Diana Mojahed and Vice President Nadine Mansour, and the event closed with a speech by Mojahed and a reception catered by Toum. Maryam Hassan, CAAA Co-Founder, was present for the ceremony, as were members of the current board.

We are so thrilled to be co-hosting this event, and look forward to further engagement with the class of 2022 who spanned the undergraduate colleges, the Columbia Business School, GSAPP, and more. Congratulations!

Special thanks to Genna Farley Fleming, Senior Associate Director, Diversity Engagement at Columbia University in the City of New York.


Commitment to Community Award Rania Alshafie, Grace El-Fishawy, Rand Al-Harahsheh

Outstanding Leadership Award Ibtihal Malley

Inclusion and Advocacy Award Serena Tohme, Haya Ghandour, Eleanor Enass Yousif

Artistic Achievement Award Amina Assal, Sara Wali



Full album of photos will be posted soon on our Facebook page