The Best Middle Eastern Food Spots in NYC


The CAAA Board loved to cook, eat and share Middle Eastern food while they were students in New York City, and would love to share the best spots in town for students and alumni to have as a reference for their weekend lunch and dinner activities! Each spot in our list has a unique link to its location on Google Maps, so feel free to browse through and see what the best Middle Eastern food spots in NYC have to offer.



Sahadi's (pictured below), Balady Halal Foods, Halal Nouri Meat Market, Brooklyn Baklava


Qahwah House


Salma, Balade, Au Za'atar (pictured below), Ravagh, Sofreh, Cafe Mogador

King of Falafel & Shawarma, Manousheh, Mombar (pictured below), Nabila'sBijan's

Yemen Café (pictured below), Tanoreen, Ayat, Asal Yemen, Istanbul Bay, Le Sajj